About Vital Juice Co located inside Fairhope Piggly Wiggly

Welcome to Vital Juice Co!! We believe fresh quality organic juice everyday is a healthy and sustainable way to aide your body in cellular nutrition. Fresh organic cold pressed juices offers a natural way of delivering vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and other essential components to our body’s cells to assist your body in flourishing. 
Here are a few tips to have the best experience drinking fresh juices:
Keep Refrigerated-our juices do not contain any preservatives or chemicals and should be kept in the refrigerator to have best flavor and shelf life (store in temperatures between 34-38 degrees F).
Best Consumed Fresh-Juices should be consumed within use by/sell by date listed on the bottle’s ingredient label (usually within 3 days of making the juice)
Do not consume juice that has been left out for long periods of time (2 or more hours).
All Vital Juice Co juices are made fresh each day at our retail location/commercial kitchen located inside the Fairhope Piggly Wiggly.
When you place an order on our website- for pickup or delivery- your juices are made fresh to order.
All juice cleanses or detox plans are made to order.
Delivery orders are freshly juiced then packed in a reusable cooler filled with ice to the brim and brought to you directly.
Pickup orders can be picked up from our Grab & Go cooler located inside the Fairhope Piggly Wiggly after being notified for pickup.