Pineapple has many incredible healing properties. Read more to find out how incorporating pineapple into your diet may be of great benefit to you throughout your healing journey!

Pineapple was used traditionally as medicine to treat a variety of ailments throughout pre colonial Central and South America. Of course, the fruit was also enjoyed for pleasure. Modern science is now able to provide evidence to support the wisdom of the ancients and the compound bromelain found in Pineapple is being used today in medicine.

Pineapple was used in indigenous communities to treat digestive-related disorders, as an appetite stimulant, for nausea and morning sickness. Pineapple fruit or its juice was utilized as a diuretic to calm excessive water retention that can occur during some menstrual conditions, and throughout pregnancy when women may experience excessive water retention due to impaired circulation.  Ingested or topically applied grated pineapple fruit, or its grounded roots to disinfect infected tissues, and encourage wound healing. A pineapple root decoction (extraction of the essence of a plant by heating or boiling) can be prepared to treat diarrhea. 

Pineapple is the commercial source for bromelain which is the compound that modern research finds to give pineapple most of its amazing health benefits. These benefits include anti inflammation, immune system boosting, heart healthy, cold and allergy relief, and its ability to aid in digestion.

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